Monday, January 21, 2013

Orphan Block 4 +1 - Completed

I have reached the halfway mark in using the orphan blocks ... 4 down, 4 still to go.

Block 4
This block was a little harder because it was quilted in one corner only.  No matter which way I turned the block it did not look complete.   I ended up sewing a neutral shade of brown fabric to the top and then adding the wooden buttons as a accent.

One of my blogger friends, Selina,  reminded me about  printing on fabric - with her post on words.
I still had one panel that I had printed when I posted a hint about printing on fabric. 

I had printed out three panels, however I only made 2 into bags.  I "found" the third panel today and made it up into another Breast Cancer Drain Bag.  I love the pop of red!

I seem to be finding a lot of unfinished projects - does this also happen to you?

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  1. The words are terrific. Great job. I think I really like the first one the best. Maybe it's the buttons, I don't know. This is such a great project that you are working on.