Thursday, January 03, 2013

String Balls

The last project I had with the children before they returned home was to make some string balls.
Easy, however VERY messy

We covered a balloon with glue soaked string ... messy, definitely an outside craft project

Hung them up in the tree until the glue had set hard.
Then the fun part, pop the balloon, to reveal lovely string ball hangers

The one in the front below, shows what happens if you do not put enough glue on the string.  It did not set hard to retain the shape.
Another trick we learnt was not to hang them in the sun (to speed up drying) - they pop and make a terrible mess
These can be made in any size, and you could thread through battery or solar lights to make a lovely feature.  They would need to be kept out of the weather though.
Will need to try again, using more string/twine and then maybe put another coat of glue on after you have removed the balloon for greater stability.
All good fun


  1. If i had the kinda fun you have with those kids I'd be buttering you up too.

    Love their gifts to you. What a terrific Aunty you are.

    1. Thanks Selina
      They keep me on my toes, but I love how excited they are when they come to visit - they love there craft days

  2. Hello, what a cool idea! Might have to try that for some home decor! I checked out your store and it is awesome! I'm moving from WA to Leeton in the next few weeks for work, and sooo looking forward to visiting and getting my doll and crafty supplies! :)
    Your santa presents are super cute too