Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orphan Blocks

I was sorting through my fabrics today, and came across these 8 orphan blocks.  They are each 12" square, and I am not sure where they came from, or what they were for.  Each block has a name embroidered on them, so no doubt it was for a signature quilt.

I have decided to use these blocks in my Breast Cancer Drain bags.  Each side of the bag needs to be 17" x 12", so I will just be able to add a border, top and bottom, to these blocks.

The problem will be getting fabric to co-ordinate with the blocks.  I am going to endeavor to use fabric I already have and not purchase any new fabric.   You can see I was trying a few colour combinations in the bottom of each photo.

The first one I am going to work on is the needle-turn basket of flowers block in the second photo.
I will show you the results shortly.


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