Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ruby Star Wrapping - New Book

A book I ordered from the "Book Depository" arrived today. Ruby Star Wrapping, creating packaging to reuse, re-give and re-love

I am so excited to try some of the projects and with 45 degrees forecast for Saturday that will be a good day to stay inside and craft.  No, I have forgotten, it is my Nephew's 21st luncheon, so I will be out socialising instead of crafting.

Maybe I can make the Gift Card Truck Softie for him??
This project uses a discarded button down shirt, and it is even better if it has a pocket that you can use for the gift card pouch.

Or maybe a gift card wallet - using scrap fabric or paper from a book or magazine or "anything"

Honestly there are SO many projects in this book that are practical and easy, using resources you already have within the home.

Another one that caught my eye was "Little Snack Sack" - made from scrap fabric, pop your gift in and then the sack can be reused as a snack sack 

Check out these links to see what other bloggers have been making from the book

Go ahead, buy this book for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, you will not be disappointed

Update on weather conditions - lots and lots of fire within the state ... we received a Emergency Alert text message from the RFS for a fire that was in the location of where I work.  Luckily it was contained before it reached us, but it was terribly scary for awhile.
The fire threat will not pass for a number of days, with high wind gusts hampering the fire fighters.

Take care, heed the warnings, even if it turns out to be a false alarm, lives are more important than property.  I will be thinking of everyone throughout the country as all states are affected


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