Sunday, January 27, 2013

No-Sew Cushion Cover

This is a quick and easy way to cover a cushion without any sewing at all.  Reminisce of the polar fleece throws of the past, I still love mine.

Insert photo of rug here - I would have, except I realised the rug is in our other vehicle which is in Tumut

Grab your cushion insert and polar fleece

Double your fleece and place cushion on top - this is just to get the measurements.. no need to be too precise, just eye-ball it.  Ensure you leave at least 2.5" extra all the way around

If you like, lightly mark the inside 2.5" with tailors chalk.  Then using your scissors, snip the two layers of fleece with scissors every 1 " - 1.5" to the marked 2.5" line. Again you could use a ruler to gauge where to make the cuts, but I didn't bother.  Snip around all four sides.

Once finished, take one layer of fleece and place on top of the cushion.  You will then have one layer on the bottom and one on the top.

Now, starting at one corner, begin tying square knots between the matching strips on each piece of fleece. To tie a square knot, cross right over left and then left over right.

Quick and easy, soft and cuddly.

 I think I will add this to the list of projects for my nieces and nephews to make. They could easily conquer this technique and each make a cushion for their room.  Would be nice in a printed polar fleece for them.



  1. Belinda2:15 pm

    Fantastic idea Judy!

  2. I've made blankets like that but never a pillow --- that's a great idea!