Friday, April 06, 2012

Cutlery Holders

A family tradition of ours is to gather at my Mums house for Seafood lunch on Good Friday.  Even though her house is in upheaval as we wait to get repairs done after the recent flooding, she still wanted it to be held.  Most of the cupboards are empty, nearly all crockery and cutlery boxed away, so we decided on a "picnic" style luncheon.

I decided to make some cutlery holders using old Readers Digest book pages.

For strength and stability, I used six pages in total, 3 for each side.  I used scrap booking scissors to cut a decorative edge on the top, which was then folded down approx 1".  Front and back placed together and then sewn with a zigzag stitch down both sides and across the bottom.

I have placed a paper napkin and then the cutlery in each holder.  It looked a little bare, so for the Easter season, I placed a small chick sticker on the bottom corner.  Just enough!

Maybe next time, I may use coloured cotton?

For ease of access, all the new paper holders were placed in a pencil holder, which I tied with a Easter ribbon. 

I love how the ribbon picks up the colours in my garden in this photo.  A simple way to present your cutlery at a informal function.

Just another close-up photo

On another note, I have only just taken the plunge and converted to the new Blogger interface, so fingers crossed there will not be any mysterious changes to my blog.  It is very different in the back end, where I create these posts, but hopefully I will be able to sort my way through.

Tomorrow I am going into town to our Leeton SunRice Festival Parade.  I love parades.

Our Leeton SunRice Festival is held biennially at Easter in conjunction with the rice harvest and celebrates the importance of the rice industry to the Leeton community.

Have a great Easter with family and friends. 


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  1. Hi, I came across your blog on Sew Many Ways and have enjoyed reading through it. Love these cutlery holders. Such a good idea.