Monday, April 02, 2012

Eye Pillows

The satin pillowcase and net curtain were recycled into refreshing, relaxing lavender eye pillows with a removable cover.

I used the rice bag instructions from Selina Quilts as the base for these eye pillows.

The inner bag (net curtain) was cut 4" x 16" and sewn into a bag.  The outer cover was cut 4.5" x 18".

The inner  bag was filled with a combination of lavender and buckwheat - ratio of 1 part lavender to 2 parts buckwheat.  I could not purchase any flax seed or linseed locally, so went with the buckwheat.

The net curtain allows the aroma to come through, but not the actual ingredients. The inner bag is then popped into the removable outer bag.  The first one, I used Selina's instructions and had the opening of the outer bag towards the top.

I then changed the opening to be more in the middle, this allowed the lavender bag to be inserted and removed more easily.

I folded one end in 5" and then folded the other end in 4", overlapping the 5" section slightly.  Pin and sew down the sides.  As simple as that!  There is not much difference, but is does make it easier.

Showing the back -

Now the front -

As these will be used on your eyes, I did not want to embellish the actual pillows, so I thought a little glamour could be in the packaging.

Using card stock, I made pillow boxes for the lavender eye pillows.  No real pattern used, just 8" in length, 4" wide and using a dessert bowl to create the ovals on the side to close the box. 

The lavender eye pillow slides easily into the box

Just push the ends in to close the box

Embellish as desired, with ribbons, lace, buttons etc

A pretty and practical gift using recycled materials.  Unfortunately I did not get started on the vintage doilies, as household chores (ironing, yuk) needed to be completed.

Until next time, happy crafting

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