Saturday, April 14, 2012

Magnetic Bookmarks

One of the many I blogs I follow is Sew Many Ways.  A couple of weeks ago they had a little tutorial on making magnetic bookmarks using scrap fabric.  This combined the two items that I am currently playing with in my craft making.  Bookmarks and Fabric.. is cannot get much better than that!

The tutorial used a magnetic business card, as I did not one of those available, I just used a old fridge magnet.  Find the centre and cut it into 2 even pieces.

Follow the instructions on Sew Many Ways Blog to complete your bookmarks.  Just ensure you have the magnets inserted the right way so that they attract each other

Folded over with the magnets attracting each other

Inserted into a book - you can shake the book and they will not fall out.  The magnet is not very strong, but certainly strong enough to stay in the book

Can you see it in the book below?

This is the fabulous book I am browsing through at the moment to get some Victorian ideas.  The graphics and information about the Victorian era is fascinating.

What you end up with, fabulous magnetic bookmarks that do not cost anything at all to make.

If I am missing in action for a little while, do not worry.  I have a number of boxes of products to upload to my online store.  Pricing, Photographing, Documenting, and then putting them all away.  The buttons are first on my list this weekend.

Have a good weekend

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