Thursday, April 26, 2012


Do you know someone, that always procrastinates when a particular task needs to be done?  I am that person, especially when it is time to do the ironing!  I do not know why I find it such a chore, but I leave it until it can no longer be left!  It takes me twice as long as it should, as I always find something to "side-track" me, which is the reason for this post.

Plain old wire coat-hangers, so boring...

Take 30  minutes out of your ironing time, and you can have these

Nothing fancy, or hard.  Just cut strips of fabric into any size (mine were approx 1.5") and wrap around your coat-hanger.  I started near the hook, up around the hook, and then around the entire hanger.  When I got back to the starting point, I cut the fabric up the centre, wrapped it around the base of the hook to make a little bow.

OK - back to the ironing.

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