Sunday, November 25, 2012

Little Christmas Gifts

A lot has been happening around my house, and unfortunately not a lot of craft ...  I am getting a new pergola floor which is the entry to the craft studio, therefore I have been unable to get into the studio.  The concrete slab is being poured on Monday, so it will be a few more days yet, although I am really looking forward to it being completed. 

I did get to finish off the Hand Santa-isers for my sister-in-law.  Eight completed.


Then I played with the larger sized hand sanitisers - I printed out some free Christmas sayings onto transparency plastic and inserted it into the bottle.  I like how it turned out.  Two different designs.
I removed the label from the front of the bottle, but kept the one on the back, so that recipients would know what was in the bottle.  Tied a Christmas ribbon around the top, all done!

Lastly I wrapped some purchased soap, for filler gifts.  I used goats milk soap which is fragrance free, so that it is suitable for all recipients.
Using scrapbook paper and embellishments, they now look entirely different.
Have you been making some Christmas gifts?

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