Monday, November 26, 2012

Candy Cane Reindeers

This is a fun craft to make with your children or in the classroom.  Candy Cane Reindeer.  This is not my idea, it was found on Pinterest.

I purchased a pack of chocolate and vanilla flavoured candy canes which I thought were more appropriate for children than the peppermint flavoured ones.  Tied some brown wool around the top of two candy canes and then stuck a red "Rudolph" pom pom nose and googly eyes on to finish them off.  Easy!
My sister was going to visit my "crafty" nieces and nephews on the weekend, so I made up some kits for them to complete these little reindeer.  I always include extra "little" bits in the kits when making them for children, just in case they drop / lose some parts.  In this case, an extra set of eyes, and 1 more pom pom nose was popped in. 
Two little 2013 diaries were transformed with a "fun" cover.  I think I need to keep this next one for myself!
Or maybe even this one?
These have been placed in a cellophane bag with a little label on the back
I think these are going to be popped into a gift bag with a gift voucher for some family members.  Just for fun!
I like making small fun gifts, do you?


  1. Belinda6:28 pm

    Love the reindeer Judy! Did you use mini candy canes or the standard size ones? I've been looking for the mini ones but cannot find them where they are wrapped like the larger ones. Loving your work!!

    1. Hi Belinda - the candy canes I used were in betweens - purchased from the Reject Shop. They also work well with the standard sized ones, just wrap the yarn a little further around the two candy canes for stability.