Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Advent Ideas - Wrapped Mini Chocolates

I am still on a "chocolate" theme for advent gifts.  Our local dollar store had this packet of Hershey Miniatures.  There were approximately 40 mini chocolates in this pack - great value.

Now see what they look like, just wrapped in some pretty Christmas Scrapbook paper.  I placed three minis in a cellophane bag, and made a topper out of more scrapbook paper.  I think they look great! They needed a contrast piece of scrapbook paper behind, so that they did not look "lost" in the bag as it was not an exact fit. 
I made up all the chocolates in the pack (so that I would not be tempted to eat any, he he) into these sets.

I am not sure how many I should set aside for my friend's advent gift, but the rest will be used as extra gifts at Christmas... maybe even pop one in each of my co-workers gifts.  Another good gift idea for Teachers.
Now I am working some magic with this little bottle of hand sanitiser ... stay tuned


  1. What a great idea for the mini's. What type of store did you go to for the cellophane wrappers. I've never seen them that size. These will be great for the girls in the office.

    1. Selina
      I use an online store here in Australia - PlazaDJ - http://www.plazadj.com/shop/ - the size of these cellophane bags were 50 x 180 mm - they are great for a number of items. I also use these for the emery board covers that I make
      Hope this helps