Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zakka Style Book has arrived

While reading some of my favourite blogs, I noticed that there was a "Zakka Style" sew-a-long.  On the Monkey Do site her project was a sewing kit.  I loved the look of it, and thought it would be another little gift I could add to my stash for my sewing family and friends.

I found the book on "The Book Depository" and only 7 days after placing my order, it has arrived.  Fantastic service, inexpensive and with free shipping, you have to love that!

The sewing kit is featured on the front cover, how cute is it?

After quickly browsing through the book, I am supposed to be uploading products to the store this evening, I have already marked the following projects to make:
  • Zakka Pin Cushion
  • Patchwork Pencil Case
  • Happy Couple Hand Warmers
  • Patchwork Potholders
  • Patchwork Ribbon - love this idea for gift wrapping
I will also try and see what other sites are participating in the sew-a-long and get some more ideas off them ...  I have found it (check out here, if you are interested) - gosh they are starting from the beginning of the book and making each project in the book, in order, in a week!

They are up to Week 6 - Itty Bitty Quilt Magnets ... I guess that means I am a bit late in getting started?    The magnets look like a challenge, the finished size is 1.5" x 1.5"

I will not be able to start anything for a few days, but I will certainly enjoy reading through the book more thoroughly.

Back to updating the store ... ribbons and more ribbons


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  1. That looks like an interesting book, I' ll go check out the blog