Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wool and Cotton

I had to make a trip to Griffith today to visit the dentist, so I took the opportunity to stock up on some wool and cotton.

I needed 100% wool to make the soap sweaters, and I could not find any in town and most of my own stash was an acrylic blend.

Won't these make lovely soap sweaters?  Lincraft brand, however all 100% wool.

My next knitting venture is to make some dishcloths.  My niece, Donna, had made some for my mother as a gift, and after using one, I was hooked.  So she kindly sent me the pattern, and I will be trying them in the next few days.

These are the cottons I purchased.  The ones in the front are 100% cotton, but two in the back, on the left hand side are a blend of bamboo and cotton.  I think they will be suitable.  I love the feel and texture of them, nice and silky.  Worth a try.

It is always an expensive venture when we travel out of town, as our small town only has one fabric shop and no craft shop.  So when the opportunity arises I always stock up.  Griffith is approx 65 kilometres away, but our nearest Spotlight is 120 kilometres away, so as you can imagine sometimes it is a case of using what is available.  This is why I have begun to stock general craft supplies on my website, it is always available (for me)!

Stay tuned to see the finished dishcloths


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