Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quick and Easy Gift

As we are having a working bee at my Mothers house tomorrow, she requested no gifts.  Well, you cannot turn up on Mother's Day and not give your very special Mum something, can you?
This afternoon, I made a couple of quick and easy soap pouches for her.

From one hand towel I was able to make four pouches .. you just need to ensure that the soap will fit inside.  I cut mine 12" x 4 1/2" - I kept one finished end and turned up a small hem twice on the other short cut end. Sew.

Turn up one short end 2/3rds and then the other end the remaining 1/3rd.   Sew down each side, and turn right side out ... same technique as the rice bags.

Insert your soap, all done.

Front view -

Back View - showing the opening to insert the soap

Side view -

Now to package it!

A few weeks ago, I came across a great idea to make a gift box from a 12 x 12" piece of card stock.  I have already used this idea about 4 times, and I thought I could use it again to package these soap pouches.

Following the instructions from Cosmo Cricket - make your box

Insert your nicely wrapped soap pouches

Finish off with a co-ordinating topper and ribbon bow

It needs some other embellishment , near the bottom, not sure what I will use yet (if I get time, or can "borrow" something from my sisters card making supplies)

Side view of box - (no, the box is not crooked, I think it was the stand I had the box sitting on, you cannot see this until you upload the photo, dash)

Back view -

All done ...

Do you make your Mother something handmade, buy from shop, or do something special?


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