Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bracelets and Market review

Well, I am glad the market is over. It is a lot of work and I admire the people that participate on a regular basis.  It was a lovely sunny morning, and we had a lot of shoppers, for this I was grateful. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of my table, I really was too busy, but I will be showing you some of the new items I made in the next few days.

I made myself a "tape measure" bracelet to wear on the day ... I just cut a flexible tape measure to size, clamped ribbon ends on the cut edges and joined it together with a heart and bar closure.  I love it!

The next set of bracelets was a result of playing with fabric strips.  I had a large fluffy chenille stick which I joined in a circle - it needed to be large enough that I could slip it over my hand onto my wrist.  Then I just wrapped fabric around the chenille stick a couple of times, gluing the ends to finish off.

These are quite flexible, because they are made from the bendable chenille sticks, although the same principle could be used with wire, or piping cord?

I think I will try and make some bracelets using the same principle as the "Pink Ribbon Necklaces" I made last year - see that post here.  I would need to use smaller beads though.

We are planning a working bee at my Mothers for Mothers Day this Sunday, so I do not think I will be able to get much time for craft.  Maybe a few minutes?

See you soon

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  1. Glad to hear that you were busy, and that you had a good weather day.
    Love the braclets,especially the ones made of fabric.
    Hope you get lots done at your moms. Happy Mothers Day. Selina