Sunday, January 01, 2012

Newspaper Gift Bag

On the first day of 2012, I manage to get one craft item made - good start to the year!

I have been wanting to try the Newspaper Gifts Bags for a little while and while browsing Pinterest I found this tutorial...

So using the movie section from today's Sun-Herald - this is what was made.

This is showing both sides of the bag ... I did make some changes to the sizing, as the tutorial was for a small gift bag.  I wanted to use the full size of the newspaper to make a larger bag.

Sizes I used:
Top fold - 1.25"
Bottom fold: 3"

Folds across the width of the newspaper at 7", 4", 7",4" and 1/2"

I then had to change the sizing of the card stock to match.  All other instructions were followed.

I am really happy with the result, and it is one more craft item I can cross of my list of things to try.

PLUS - the Christmas tree has been dismantled, and all the Christmas decorations put away for another year. 

Hope you had a great day



  1. Hi and Happy New Year,

    Thanks for sharing this. I've never seen this idea before. What I really love is that like me you can't let it be and had to play with the size. Thanks for sharing that too. I'm off tomorrow (the 2nd) so I think I'll give it a try. I'll let you know how I make out. Selina

  2. Belinda9:34 pm

    These look great Judy. Two Friends use ones similar to these to put your purchases in. Theirs are made from foreign newspapers and are quite a decent size too.