Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casserole Carrier

After two weeks of not being in the craft studio, I needed to SEW ... the flannel fabrics for the rice bags were still out, so I made a quick and easy casserole carrier, following YouTube instructions from Crafty Gemini. 

Two pieces of fabric, quickly quilted with "Warm & Natural", sewn together

Two loops on opposite corners, and one strap across the other diagonal.

Place casserole or pie dish in the centre, under the strap.  Then thread the strap through each corner loop, easy!  Pull up, so the long strap becomes a carrying handle.

Reversible - just flip the long strap to the other side

Same directions, strap through loops, pull up for handle

Viola, all done.... now if only that casserole dish was filled, I would be right for dinner for tonight.

Another quick and easy gift to add to the gift box


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  1. Seems you must be feeling better. Glad to hear it. This carrier is wonderful. Way too easy. love the loops and handle. hmmmmmm.