Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Looking for pattern or tutorial

I picked up this cute kimono style tissue cover at "The Handy Dog" at Gundagai and I was hoping someone could help me find the pattern or tutorial so that I can make some.

I am starting on my Breast Cancer Drain Bags for the new year, and was donated some Japanese print fabric and I thought these tissue covers would be nice to pop inside the bag.

The tissue cover has a separate piece of fabric across the back, and insert down the centre of the front. You can see this in the photo below.

The other reason I like this cover, is that it holds the top opening tissue packs, which are more readily available in the stores

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.  I have searched on the web, but cannot find anything similar. 



  1. Belinda9:32 pm

    Would love the pattern for this too Judy if you ever come across it. I searched for a couple of hours today without luck. Did come across one website that I thought you might like though it has over 50, 000 tutorials and patterns.


    This might help. Written in Japanese though..

  3. For the This might help I had my windows program translate. The pictures should help too. Good luck.

    Cute pocket tissue case
    "I made ​​the cover of the pocket tissue
    kimono knitting Prepare the cloth. (I tried to put a cloth that has been cut into appropriate) You finished this alone in the large rectangular one, preparation Okuumi, the collar behind stunning before and the best time to see part of Okumi is only about the part of writing the black line Because there is no you can even less cloth actually Try to put a tissue case, do I need larger a little than the size of the full bloom, we will cut into something like the best time to see it with a table together, sew the Okumi after putting the Okuumi cloth, I cut something like this you will like this when you open and I had my hand over the Saja, but (laughs) I never used even once the island so as not unraveled cloth in a zig-zag were. Me would dispose of in a zig-zag always even when you sew Toka dress neckline so come flying out to something like this, cut the annoying part will continue with the collar when you sew the cloth straight into cloth with a curve and as this making it easier sewing when I put a cut and finish by folding the collar but I kimono, because good is hand-sewn really, who was sewn by hand is nice to look collar Once sewn with a sewing machine, stitch as this will come out is it's tissue case even to you - good or ,,? We will sew around as to become a square case, but note here! (Kimono is the upper left) should be placed so that it is not in the upper-right corner and turn it upside down, and voila you put a tissue! Wonder if Mr. statement, the Toka Pole Pole? Towards the craft do not use the sewing machine wonder if good? case that friends made ​​also mixed but with a cloth to choose, I will change the atmosphere at all our home was made ​​over a period of 2 years loft in the house of one-story, but this loft has become a room of sewing my. Cloth covered that brought from Japan is the most cloth area of me! ! Sewing room of the loft is not visible from the bottom, it is the highest of Okeru place even in the middle of sewing! It is a fabric that can be discarded if scraps special case usually, but here is this tissue case, it can be a small remnant, not abandoned after all! ! (Laughs) When viewed from the master, is so seems to have collected the garbage it is Halloween soon, but because I have said the youngest child is want you to make clothes of Dorothy is a production of the clothes of Dorothy now is made ​​suitably in paper without It is, but it let sewn almost youngest this time we are teaching them to become as can sewing. 70-80% is (where you Nueru straight) that the youngest child is using a sewing machine - I will try to up Once finished"

  4. Hi! I was looking for a pattern too, and had just as much trouble finding one. So I made one. Pattern and instructions here, hopefully it helps someone else: