Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Wallet

Since my niece Kate and her fiance Matt already have a home together there was a request with the wedding invitation not to purchase a wedding gift. They decided to have a wishing well, where a gift of money can be deposited (with a wish) if you wanted to participate.

I thought this a great idea, but decided to put my own little touch on it, by placing my monetary gift into a little wallet.

I have some lovely wedding fabric, which was used with charcoal grey polka dot fabric

The back of the wallet

The inside of the wallet, space to put my money as well as a note to the bride and groom.

Now to come clean ... The wedding fabric was supposed to be on the inside of the wallet, the polka dots on the outside, so that it could be used at any time .... oops ... however once I realised my mistake, the wallet was already finished, and I didn't mind the finished results...  I have now made a note on my pattern to ensure that I know which piece of fabric I put down first to ensure that it does not happen again.

While I had the sewing machine out, I made my sister Sue (mother of the bride) a loyalty card holder as requested.  She loved the batik fabric I used for the headband, so I used some more for her holder.

I love the inside fabric

Waiting to be filled.

This is a fabulous pattern.  I wonder how many more requests I get from family at the wedding next week.

Until then


  1. The wedding wallet is such a terrific idea. That fabric is wonderful. This would make a great gift holder (cash, check or gift card) for any occasion. Also love the idea of the loyalty card holder.

  2. Well I like the wallet with the wedding fabric outside exactly like it is! :) looks great! Christine
    ChrisW Designs

  3. visiting via so many ways. Love your wedding wallet. What a fantastic keepsake for them

  4. Oh this is beautiful :)
    This is such a thoughtful gift that anyone would love to receive as you have put your love and time into.
    What a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing.
    I saw this project at the sew many ways link party and had to come and let you know that I thought it was fantastic :)
    Hope you are are able to pop by my blog sometime :)