Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea Wallets

My friend Belinda emailed me this pattern, she had found it on a blog but could not remember where, so my apologies to the owner / originator.

Update:  Belinda has provided the link

The tea wallet opened, holds six tea packets easily

Then it folds up into a nice neat wallet, with a button closure

The blue and brown one above was the first one I made, and I thought it was quick and easy, however I decided to time the next one.  Yes, I was right, from the cutting out stage to completion it did not take more than 30 minutes.  This will be a great "last minute" gift idea, and you could exchange the tea packets for coffee packets if desired.

Floral Tea Wallet

Now the real reason I was in the sewing room today, was to make my dog a safety coat.  I walk of an evening, and it is now dark when I set off.  I wear a safety vest, however my dog Brandy is nearly invisible.

I purchased another inexpensive safety vest and cut it up to make his coat, which I lined with polar fleece for comfort.

Now these are not the best photos of my dog, he is desperately in need of a bath and brush, but it was only 12 degrees today, much to cold to give him a bath

Brandy is 15 years old and is commonly known as a "Heinz" variety, no real pedigree, but a wonderful companion.

Now we will both be safe, when we go for our walks



  1. Brandy is a cutie. The vest is a great idea, for both of you.
    Love the idea for a tea bag holder. I'm having dinner next week with a friend who always has tea bags buried in her purse. she'll love it.

  2. Belinda5:09 pm

    Brandy looks gorgeous! He'll be much safer now on your nightly walks.
    I found the website where I got the tea wallet pattern from. It is called The West Seattle Fabric Company.... is the link to the tutorial.

  3. Love the tea wallet! I am on a tea kick now, so one of these will come in handy. Thanks Belinda for the link. FYI, I found you on the Sew Many Ways linkup.

  4. Like Brandys new coat :-)
    Love also this tea wallets you have made. Unfortunately this company/website doesn't exist anymore. Think I can make the wallet without a tutorial, but measurements would come in handy ;-) Could you maybe tell me what size the main part, the height of the bag is? That would be soo helpful :-) Was in search for a nice pattern for my swap partner of the Insta #thelittlethingsswap2017 ... so it wasn't only for me ;-) Ragards, Eva