Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Loyalty Card Holder and Hairband

Today is a rainy day and I have a tradesman inside repairing some floorboards, so what's a girl to do? Retreat to the craft studio, of course.

This gave me a great opportunity to complete a couple of little projects that have been in my "to do" file.

Firstly:  Loyalty Card Holder from Christie at A Lemon Squeezy Home.

This holder has a wide base and a magnetic stud closure

Cute birdie fabric for the liner

Christie also provided downloads for the alphabet card inserts

I currently have my loyalty cards in two separate little holders, now I can put them all in the one (in order) for easy access.

As you can see there is certainly room to add more cards

All filled up with my cards. 

This was a very easy pattern and the instructions were very well explained... the holder is made with only two pattern pieces, the outside and the lining .. simple

I know for sure one of my sisters (Sue) will probably request one

Next: A Reversible Elasticised Headband from Jessica at Happy Together Creates

I must admit I did not follow the instructions supplied by Jessica, as it was so simple once you downloaded the free pattern pieces.

I used two batik FQ for this headband and used the alternate colour for the elasticised back

Unfortunately my hair is not long enough to warrant this gorgeous headband, but it will be a gift for my sister-in-law next weekend, who has beautiful thick long auburn hair ...

If she likes it, and it "works" many more will be added to my sewing list.  Did you check out the link to Jessica's blog, wasn't the patchwork one cute?

I did try this one on for size, and it was very comfortable, but as I said I have short hair, so hopefully it will just as comfortable for longer hair.

Another two little projects ticked off my list, but I will certainly be making more of each of these.

I may be missing in action for the next couple of weeks, as I am going to be holidaying in Queensland and attending my niece's wedding. 


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  1. Belinda9:14 pm

    What a productive day in the studio sewing! Both little projects look great. Have a fantastic time away, enjoy every minute of it!!