Friday, February 08, 2013

Garden Bench Seat

I have this lovely "old" bench seat in the garden.  It is placed under a shady tea tree, but looks a little unloved

Notice that pile of bricks to the left of the photo?  That is all the bricks I pulled up from the pergola floor, before it was laid with concrete.

Back to the bench, I had some pieces of packing foam that was just the right size.

An unused, flannel backed tablecloth ...

Now I was ready to make my cushion for the garden bench.  I just laid the foam on top of the tablecloth.
(I did sew the 2 pieces of foam together in the middle, so that they would not move) .. I cut the tablecloth to size, and then folded over the cut side, and hand sewed that to the foam.

Then brought the other side over, and sewed that down

Now what to do with those ends?

I just imagined that I was wrapping a gift, folded in the corners, and sewed down the ends

My garden bench seat is looking heaps better

Now remember that "No-Sew Cushion"  I made, see here.  It was the ideal cushion to make this seat more inviting

Cost = Nil
Time = Approx 1 hour

A lovely inviting seat to have my morning coffee.  I do not know how the seat will handle the weather, but for a zero cost project it does not really matter.

I have a little piece of tablecloth fabric remaining, I wonder what I can do with it?


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  1. I really like what you have done with the seat, looks great and inviting.