Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Elastic Bookmarks - quick and easy gifts

I was thinking of what I can give family members for Valentines this year.  As we are all avid readers I thought I would make these little bookmarks.

All you need is hat elastic (thin elastic) and charms.

Cut your elastic approx 18" (I found this to be the best size).  Double it, and then thread the middle double section through the eyelet on the top of the charm,  Try to keep your ends even.

Bring the other two ends through the loop of the elastic to ensure the charm is secure

Now the hard part, just kidding!  Knot the ends ... all done!

One note, if you find the eyelet of the charm is too small to allow the elastic to be threaded through, just add a tiny split ring ..

Now it is easy to thread the elastic

The elastic slips around the pages of your book, and the best thing is that is does not fall out.  You can pop your book in your bag, drop or shake it and this bookmark will remain in place.

If you are giving these as gifts, you might like to package them accordingly.
I had purchased these packs of journal cards from Spotlight in their clearance section for $1.00 per pack, they were ideal.

I just pushed out the tags, and used the hole in the top to thread the elastic through. 

I completed the tags by printing out the name of the gift and using double sided tape to adhere to the card - I must admit this took the longest part of the whole process.

Six elastic bookmarks in less than 5 minutes.  I am definitely keeping one of these for myself.


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  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    What a quick and easy gift, I will have to try this