Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Santa - In The Bath!

This Santa is based on a "wind-up" Christmas decoration that my sister Janet owns.  I thought I would see if we could reproduce it in fabrics.

Here he is, in all his naked glory in the bathtub - the bubbles / water was recreated with some bubble wrap and fine stuffing, a little bit of glitter was also added.  The cute rubber duck was purchased from Target, it just adds the finishing touch!  Can you see his belly button?

Now he just needed a little sign to signify his bathing routine ...  Can you read it?
It says:
My bath and Christmas comes but once a year ....

Now he is a "one-off" however if I ever made it again, I would try and look for a different coloured tub to have for his bath ... unfortunately white was the only colour the discount store had in stock .... the red hessian ribbon breaks it a little bit, but I would have preferred a blue or red bath for a greater contrast!  All in good fun!

I think I am now in advance with my one Christmas project a month challenge.


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