Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Gifts - Sticky Note Books

One of my sisters was the inspiration for these sticky note covers.  She mentioned that she should have some in her handbag for those times she wants to leave a note for someone.  I knew that I had seen a tutorial for one and had added the link on my Pinterest board under "things to make".  I am so glad I did, another quick and easy gift idea. 

I could not stop at one; they are now going to be added to all my sisters gifts, as well as the girls I work with.  They will also make great stand-by gifts.  Do you have these?

Packaged in a cellophane bag with a Christmas sticker on the back.

The link for the tutorial I used can be found here


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  1. These look great. I made a bunch several years ago. I like the little tie you used to close them. I didn't put that much work into mine, I used velcro dots that had a sticky back. At the time my brother in law was a long term patient in the hospital and we made a basket full for the staff to pick from. It was such a small effort for the people who were taking care of him but with a personal touch.