Saturday, November 05, 2011

DIY - Scratchie tickets

I was intrigued by a blog post by Oh The Lovely Things on how to make your own Scratch Off Lottery Tickets.  It sounded easy and Artmind had a tutorial on how she made some as a promotional tool for her business - so I was set.

As a test, I used the free printable that was supplied with the first blog post, and just typed in some sweet words for birthday tags, and one for my Mum (just because).

I then designed a ticket using Microsoft Word (nothing fancy) that I could use as a promotion when sending out my online orders.

Promotional winner code is a "dummy" DO NOT USE

I followed the instructions in the blog, to laminate the section that I wanted to hide.  I used Marbig Quick Laminate sheets - all I had to do was cut to size, peel off the backing and stick on, ensuring there were no bubbles.

It was recommended that you use silver metallic paint, however I did not have any, so I used a metallic copper paint, which worked just as well.  This was mixed with dishwashing detergent. 1 part detergent to 2 parts paint.  I just used a teaspoon as a measure.

My dishwashing detergent had a lovely apple smell, so I wonder if we could also offer a "scratch & smell" version, he he

Can you see the rosy colour of my detergent, this was before it was mixed together?  All that was needed to do now, was to paint over the laminated section.  It required 3 coats of paint, make sure you allow each coat to dry before reapplying.  I held each one up to the light to ensure that the printing behind the paint could not be seen.

Of course, then I had to test one, to see how easy it was to scratch the paint off ...

How did I know which one to choose?


I have made 25 scratchie tickets, with one winning ticket, so I will include one with each of the next 25 online orders.

I will show how I used the birthday tickets in the next couple of days, the birthdays are Wednesday & Thursday and I have yet to finishing birthday shopping.  Yes I know I should be making something, do the tickets count?

You could have such fun making these scratchies; rewards for children, vouchers for gifts, fun party games, and lots more

Try it out, it is really easy


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  1. That was brilliant... hopefully I will have time somewhere along the line to have a go at this.....
    Cath Ü