Friday, November 04, 2011

Pink Ribbon Necklace

Well at long last I have time to update this blog, please forgive me my absence.  Last Friday for our Pink Ribbon Fund Raising dinner I made a couple of "Bead and Knot" Necklaces.  I used this link (Cass Can Sew) for instructions.  These necklaces have been around for a number of years, and I always wanted to make one (or two).  I think they will also make great gifts, not to mention they are so quick and easy to make that you can jazz up an outfit in a matter of moments.

The dark pink one, my sister requested (grabbed) as soon as I arrived ..and the lighter pink one was given to one of the lovely ladies that organises the event.  I think I made them a little too long, but that can be easily fixed, just by taking an extra knot in the end fabric.

A quiet weekend is planned, so hopefully a crafty hour or two will be found
Until next time



  1. I love these necklaces too and have always wanted to make one... Oh I know what you mean about being MIA from your blog..... Lately I have been thinkling I will update the blog and then something seems to happen and I get side tracked.....
    Cath Ü

  2. They look fantastic!!! I just love how quick and easy they are to make. Thanks for sharing :o)