Saturday, October 22, 2011

ISP Problems

I use Telstra BigPond ADSL service to connect to the Internet in my office.  This afternoon, I could not connect to the Internet, why?  Disconnected everything, tried again same problem ... what is wrong?

At my wits end, I decided to logon to my laptop and use the NextG USB Internet modem to see if there were any reported problems with BigPond.  Look what I found!

Some customers in Leeton NSW may have trouble connecting to the Internet or have slow/no data flow. We are working to fix this problem as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience.

How inconvenient, I suppose I am lucky that I have an alternative way of connecting to the Internet and have been able to access it until late this afternoon.  We / I rely so much on being able to connect to the Internet, that when it is not working, it really is a pain.

I have been working on a make-over for a old card table today.  Will show before and after photos, once I can connect via my office desktop. 

Hope you are having a great weekend

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