Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fabric Envelope - Revisited

I was speaking to my elder sister this morning, and she asked me about the "new" fabric envelopes I have been making?  She reminded me of a Christmas gift she had given me quite a few years ago, packaged in a fabric envelope... as soon as she mentioned it I remembered it.  So into my Christmas box, I went to check it out ...

A lovely hand made quilt still in its fabric envelope with my name embroidered on the front.

Inside, the gorgeous quilt, how could I forget this?  So much detail, so much hand work.

She even co-ordinated the inside of the envelope to go with the quilt

What can I say, the memory is fading... but it will be left out now, so that I can get a early start on my Christmas decorating with this being the first one on display.

I suppose I could use the excuse, that I had not actually made one ??? Does that count ??


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