Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Blogger Dilemna

I have a question, should you show your craft on your blog if it is not really "up to standard".  Who is the judge, your readers, or yourself.

I have been wanting to make a mug mat for a little while now, just to see what they are like, and if I would like to make some as gifts.  So today, I just grabbed some scrap fabric, loosely followed a tutorial from another blog  (not sure if I should mention the blog, as I muddled my way through it, using materials I had on hand, not what was recommended) and the results show that I did not plan, prepare, follow instructions, or take care ...

The front.. not straight, feature square not centred, binding not even  (not sure I would do it this way again)

The back - this is OK, what could go wrong with just a piece of fabric?

Maybe I can give it to my 5 year old niece for her tea party, I am sure she will not notice the faults (fingers crossed).

I promise I will have another go, and this time, do it properly.  Do you like seeing other peoples mistakes?  Not sure I like admitting to them.

Take care and enjoy your craft


  1. My question is why do you blog at all? I blog to have a record of my quilting adventure. For me it means recording pictures of everything I make for better or for worse for my records and growth. My followers are my friends and I hope they get it and if not oh well.

    So if you blog for your personal history then good bad or indiffernt work should, in my opinion be logged in. You can look back and then see your progress. Anyway I kinda like your mug rug. YOur niece will probably LOVE it.

    That is just my opinion. Have a good day. Selina

  2. OMG, this project looks perfect. I do not sew at all, but I think I have the artistic eye. It looks great! And art is art, and the imperfections of us all make us who we are!

    Happy Crafting!

  3. I think you are too hard on yourself... the mug rug looks good......

    Cath Ü