Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Fabric and a Helpful Blog Link

I received the Moda Jelly Rolls in the mail yesterday for our Jelly Roll race.  I will keep you posted on this race when we have scheduled a date (are you intrigued?)

And  if you are shopping for jelly rolls you must purchase some charm packs to go with them.

Blog Link

I follow and read a number of blogs and they help enormously when you are writing blog posts or are having problems with your blog.  Not to mention the inspiration that you get from seeing the fantastic creative projects that they are making.

Funky Junk Interiors had a post on How to Make Your Blog Comment Friendly which was very informative, but also it explained one of the problems we bloggers have when someone makes a comment and we want to reply.  Quite often your email address is not available (you may not want it to be??) but when we  try and reply the email address shows up as NOREPLY. If you only read one section of this link/post, scroll down to the section titled Activate Your Profile / Email - which explains the process fully.

I read all comments, and sometimes a reply is necessary, however if I do not have your email address it makes it very hard to track you down.

A lovely sunny weekend is forecast for the Riverina area, so maybe the garden will gets some attention, rather than the craft studio ... I will keep you informed on which one wins!



  1. Yes I am intrigued - a jelly roll race sounds like a lot of fun! At a quilt retreat last year our quilt group president gave an hilarious performance of a jelly roll in a game of charades - it took us all a while to work out what on earth she was trying to say! I bet you are enjoying the sun!

  2. Hopefully this week I will be able to reveal all ... I am looking forward to it