Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Covered Notebooks

I finished covering two cheap spiral notebooks.   The Santa photos were printed onto calico, and then used as the focal point on the front.

The first one, as usual, needed a little "twigging" to get the measurements right.

The second one, came together very quickly, and fit the notebook much better.

These do not look too bad for $2.00 notebooks.  I am going to use one for my Christmas Gift ideas. 

I belong to a large family, and thankfully we still purchase for everyone (I love it).  There have been murmurs of starting the "Kris Kringle" theme, and just buying for one other, but luckily this has not yet eventuated.  I believe that it is not the money spent on presents, but about the thought behind the gift.

One thing I do know, is that I had better start to get organised, as the days/months are flying by.

Do you have a special book for your Christmas planning?


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