Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Craft Weekend

Unfortunately I did not get around to doing any craft this weekend.  Sick family members to care for, shopping trip in near by Griffith, and household chores.

Although one of my sisters did drop off a big garbage bag of fabric offcuts.  (Thanks, Sue) These were all from a furnishing store, so there are some absolutely gorgeous textured pieces in the collection.  Drooled for a little while, before sorting into colours and putting away.  I can foresee some lovely victorian style pin cushions in a couple of the pieces.  I also put some other pieces to one side to make a christmas bell pull, now all I need is the time.

Some of my rose bushes were pruned, but there are still more to be tackled.  The weather was great to be outside in the garden, not too cold, and the garden needs some tender loving care this time of the year.

Fingers crossed, some photos of finished items later in the week.

Have a great week

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