Saturday, July 03, 2010

Easy Folder From A Placemat

This is what I made today. I cannot take the credit for it, as I found the idea on someone else's blog, but I am sorry I cannot remember where.  I have searched, but cannot find it, so if this idea belongs to you, please let me know so that I can give you the credit.

It is a handy folder made from a place mat, into which you sew various sized zip lock bags.  I finished mine off with a button, but you could just use ribbon ties.

I made this so that I can put all my little buttons, seed beads, embroidery thread and other important little accessories in it when I go to workshops. There is also one bag big enough to store your pattern as well. This will mean I can keep everything together in one folder in separate compartments.  Very quick and easy to make, not to mention very inexpensive.

My sister has requested one to put all her card making paraphernalia into, so I think it could be used for many purposes.

My list for tomorrow includes:
  • Fabric bookmarks
  • Hanging handtowels
Once finished these will be added to my Early Bird Christmas Gift box.

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