Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Guess who is back?

It is nearly two years since my last post, and boy has a lot happened in that time.  I have retired, yippee..closed my online store and business, battled a couple of health problems, but now am ready to come back to my blog and continue my crafts.

Card making is still my passion at the moment, but I was gifted a lot of half finished quilts, so I will be looking forward to getting back to the sewing machine and finishing those off.

My pup Cindy is now three years old, and is still the love of my life. 

I have just gifted a paper craft cup & saucer filled with chocolates to a elderly friend for her birthday, she just turned 87.  The instructions for both the tea cup and the gift box was from Mixed Up Crafts.
Tea cup instructions
Display box instructions
I hope to continue to update the blog more frequently now... be prepared to see a lot of my cards.
Enjoy your day


  1. Great having you back. Love this gift idea. Your puppy has just gotten cuter with age.

    1. Thank you. Still love looking at all your quilts