Thursday, August 31, 2017

Centre Step Cards

I was experimenting with a centre step card last week and was extremely happy with the result.  I followed a tutorial on YouTube but unfortunately I cannot find the link (I will update the post if I can find it to give credit where it is due)

UPDATE:  This is the link to make the step card -

The instructions were to use a pre-folded card base and Kaisercraft collectibles pack, and boy was it easy.

This was my first card, pretty pinks

The second card was in blues and gave a different effect altogether

Both these cards are being donated to the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer fund raising.  The group of ladies that I craft with usually make about 50 cards for the committee to sell.  It is a great opportunity to help a good cause and try many new card ideas.

I can imagine Christmas cards, birthday cards etc using this technique.

Happy crafting



  1. VEry pretty cards. They should be a wonderful asset to your fund raiser.

  2. I started making cards last year. You do a great job.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I have only been making cards for a little over 12 months, it is very addictive