Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swedish Woven Heart Decoration

These felt woven hearts were made, after watching a video by the Missouri Star Quilt Co.   They used wool, but for my first attempt I just used some felt pieces.

Very simple to make, with good instructions.  I put a little eyelet in the top of each side so that a ribbon could be threaded through for ease of opening.  

They are very roomy inside and you can make them whatever size you like

Not sure what I will be filling them with, but I like the idea of using this red and white one as a bag on a Santa.  Filled with greenery, pipberry and a couple of toys.  Slung over his shoulder, I think it would work?

They could be hung on the Christmas Tree, filled with Candy Canes etc, or even just given as a gift with a gift card inside, many ideas for uses

Another one in a soft green and cream

While I have the felt out, I will be trying another Pinterest idea, stay tuned


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