Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pine cone Gnomes

Last Monday night we continued on with the pine cone crafts and made some really cute gnomes.

Firstly using the Better Homes & Garden site as inspiration - we made three different sized hanging gnomes.

1. Largest

2. Middle

3. Smallest

Each one different from the next.

Our next little gnome was inspired from "We Bloom Here" instructions.  Admittedly our pine cones were much larger, but the progress was the same.   This one is so sweet.

Such a simple craft with great results.  The pine cone was not flat enough to stand alone, so I glued an old bolt to the bottom, now nice and sturdy.

We still have some pine cones left, so there may be some more crafts coming in the next few weeks.

Are you Christmas crafting, what are you making?


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