Sunday, August 03, 2014

Christmas Reindeers Finished

The two reindeer that I had cut out yesterday have been completed, whoopee
Once they are stuffed they are very quick and easy to complete.  I have used upholstery fabric for the body and it has great texture and holds the form extremely well

The first is the cutest, in my opinion, light brown with Santa's bag on the side filled with goodies

The next one is in a darker upholstery fabric, and gives him an entirely different look.  I have made a felt stocking for this one.

Both so cute, here they are side by side so you can compare.

This reindeer pattern can be purchased from my online store, here

Now to get the washing on before I cut out another Christmas pattern

This one is next on my agenda - Olde St Nick from Country Friends.  The following photo is from the cover of the pattern, hope mine turns out as good?

Have you been crafty this weekend?

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  1. OK if I had to pick just one I would go with the lighter one but they are both very sweet. Like the different embellishment. Gives them personalities.