Monday, June 23, 2014

Thomas's Yabby

Last weekend, I had my nieces and nephew for a quick craft lesson, however I neglected to take photos.

My brother sent a photo of the yabby that Thomas made while he was with me - he had been fishing in the morning and wanted to make a yabby as he had caught some fresh ones.

We were both quite pleased with how it turned out.

I have been trying to update my blog for a few days, and have been having heaps of problems.  Firstly it took forever to load, and then would not allow me to upload photos, agh ... my default browser is Internet Explorer, however I also tried Firefox, but with the same results.  This morning, I "bit the bullet" and installed Google Chrome and it immediately uploaded the photo for me, Go Figure!

I will have another post later in the day, when I show the great things that the children made this weekend. That is assuming that Blogger will behave.

Till then

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  1. Several months ago I had the same issues with my blog and yes I had to go to google chrome.. I feel like I am being held captive..Yes it works but I should want to use it as opposed to having to use it.

    Off track... Love what you and the kids have accomplished. Your nephew has a great imagination. I never could get my nephews into anything that resembled crafting. Lucky you.