Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrap No-Slip Bookmarks

Continuing with my scrap gift projects, I have made a No-Slip Bookmark using just a 3" strip of fabric, a button and a hair elastic.

This just slips between the cover and the page that you are reading.  It is better than just a bookmark, as it will not fall out and lose your page.

Now, to make this gift even easier still, I made the same bookmark with a length of grosgrain ribbon.

See how it sits between the pages of your book?

Look at the difference between the pretty fabric one, and the plain grosgrain ribbon one!

All packed up for gift giving.  I just used some pretty card stock, wrapped the No-Slip Bookmark around the card and popped into a cellophane bag.  Doesn't it look pretty?



  1. Belinda Petrie8:17 pm

    Gorgeous idea Judy! Bekk has put an order in for I need to get time to sew some up for her!

  2. Great idea. Will make a couple for my mom if you don't mind. She uses anything that is laying around for a book mark, scrap paper, paper towel, tissues etc. This might work for her, I'll give it a try if it's OK with you.

  3. Have read all your post today & they are all either very pretty or pretty smart or both! Thanks for sharing.