Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Notepads

While I was cleaning my workspace yesterday, I was putting away bits of card stock that I had used for packaging the "No-Slip Bookmarks" and the "Magnetic Pegs". Into the box with the stationery bits and pieces they went, when I saw some little notepads.

Out came the bits of card stock (again), with the notepads, and look what was the result:

I cut the card stock to 2" wide and approx 3 1/2" in length, folded it in half and then sewed it to the top of the notepad. Trimmed off any excess on the sides.  Embellish with a little button, and now a much nicer looking notepad.  This would pop easily into a card for a small gift.

Now if I was going to destroy a sewing machine needle by sewing through paper, I should make it worthwhile!

Ten little notepads to add to my gift box.


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