Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Covers

As always with new technology there are bits and pieces that we become dependant on for our business. Mine is a portable expansion drive - I have two.  One to backup my computer (essential) and another one that stores all my photos etc.
They have just been stored in the original boxes, however today they have a new home in specially made covers.

This burgundy one fits the 1TB seagate drive and has a little pocket on the outside back.

Back, showing pocket

Then I changed the design (as you do) to make a brown one for the 500 GB Seagate drive, this one has the pocket on the inside for the USB cable

Here are the pair of them, side by side. Very different, but each very useful.

A friend has asked me to make her a couple of loyalty card holders, so that will be another quick and easy project.   Pity about Ernie Elf who has been sitting neglected for two weeks, his body is made and sewn together, however he has no face or clothes. Poor Ernie!


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