Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fat Quarter Gift Bags

Are you like me, always looking for a new way to present small gifts.  I came across a quick and easy pattern to make a gift bag from a fat quarter and it also has two little hideaway pockets.  It is lovely and stable due to the way it is folded.  Are you intrigued?  Do you want to see mine?  Do you want to find the blog of the talented Australian lady who has the tutorial?

OK, I will not keep you in suspense ...

Photos of the first two I have made... let me tell you that many more are going to be made and put in my gift box

For a Sewing Friend
Xmas bag
This Christmas fabric bag is for my best friend, who like me, loves everything about Christmas

You can find the instructions here from Kelly Rachel at "em ay kay ee" - {Make}. 
Now the challenge, I dare you to make ONLY one!

Have fun

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