Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Calendar Recycle

You may not know it (my family does) but I am a "hoarder"!  I cannot bear to throw things away, I always think there must be another way to use items once they no longer serve their initial use.

I have been having a cleanup while the painters have been in and found this really cute 1998 calendar that I had put to one side ... well, I started thinking .... how can I use these pages.

The light bulb went off - Gift Bags

The first was made using a simple pocket style which could be used to hold a CD, DVD,a Gift card, Lotto tickets or even Money

Pick the focal point of the picture and fold the sides into the back - join by using double-sided tape, fold up the bottom and again use your double-sided tape to secure.  You could also use decorative scissors across the top edge.

The second style was a little more difficult, however with a few trial runs I was able to produce a little gift bag with a boxed bottom.  These would be lovely filled with chocolates or a small gift.  I would not recommend putting anything heavy in these bags.

NB: The size of the gift bag will depend on the size of your calendar page 
I will make another one taking step-by-step photos, so that you can see how they are made ..lovely gift bags that do not cost anything, you have to like that?


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