Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Treats

I thought I would take the Valentine's Day "love" theme to make my sisters a treat bag of goodies.  The start of 2011 has been quite hectic in my family, with medical, emotional and job worries.  Luckily not all to the same family.  So I am taking this opportunity to tell my sisters (and sisters-in-law) how much we love them and care about them.

I sourced most of the printables off the web, covered a mini diary and put it all together in a bag with some wonderful bag toppers.

There are a couple of bookmarks, matchbook candy holder with a small packet of maltesers, a purchased chocolate heart, which I had put a printed love sticker on, covered a mini mentos roll of mints, the covered diary, and also a covered lip balm ... all useful items.

Here is what they look like all packed up ..

They will certainly not be expecting anything like this, so not sure how it will be received ...however, I certainly had fun putting it all together.

Onto drawstring bags tomorrow, I promise


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