Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rainy Day Playing

What do you do on a rainy day? 
Watch a movie?
Read a book?
Catch up on the household chores?
NOT ME --- I head straight to the studio ... bliss..

Should I clean up?  Should I put those products away?  Should I play?

Yes ... playtime ...  also a discovery ...

Did you know that you can print on hessian?  You do not know what you can do until you try.  I have a relatively inexpensive Canon printer up in the studio, which is used for many things, however is not that important that if  I "wreck" it the world will come to a end. Hence the discovery that you CAN print on hessian.

I have printed these sayings onto hessian and then made then into little hangers ... sorry about the photo quality

I ironed some Heat & Bond to the back of the hessian to strengthen it so that it would feed into the printer.  Make sure that you do not have any loose threads or this will cause a jam in your printer.

Choose your sayings and a nice clear font ... I suggest printing out on paper first, so that you can see what it looks like before attempting to print onto the hessian.
I also found that the black ink was clearer than the red ... but I had to try.

Once the hessian is printed, cut each saying out, leaving a little extra around each word so that you can fray the edges.  Now use your Heat & Bond to secure the jute hanger and another piece of fabric to the back - just make a sandwich of the hessian, jute hanger in the centre, then the backing fabric.

How quick and easy is this ... although I would not recommend trying this in your good printer.

Have fun

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