Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I'm Back!

I cannot believe how neglected my blog has become.  I am so sorry, I am trying to think of excuses, but I really do not have a valid one ....:)

Lots of changes in my life, my pup is growing however not without a few issues.  She has been suffering from Pancreatitis which is taking her a long time to recover from.  Special diet, and lots of love and patience.

She was well enough to have her first Santa photo taken, so cute (but then I am biased)

My crafting has consisted of card making, I have made a lot of Christmas cards, but did not take any photos, dash.  However I have made some Birthday cards with a lovely "Happy Birthday" die that my sister gave me for my birthday.  It makes quick and easy cards.

Hopefully 2017 will be a great year for crafting.  I am closing my online store in another 2 weeks, after 15 years of trading and once I have settled down after Christmas I hope to get into some serious sewing.  

If I still have any blog followers, thank you for staying with me during my long absences

Till next time

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  1. You'll always have blog followers Judy! Your cards look great and I am hoping Cindy is settling down with her new diet xo