Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stamping Techniques

I have not had a lot of time to "play" lately, but when I do, I have been playing with different stamping techniques for my cards.  Now I am going to show you the good, bad and ugly, but it is all a learning curve, and I must admit a lot of fun.

Painters Tape
The first one uses painters tape to get the background, just place your strip of painters tape on the stamp pad, rub lightly and then place on your card stock.  Easy but effective

Washi Tape
The next one was OK, I tried to weave the washi tape for a different effect, which is good, although I will need to ensure the lines are straight in future.  More ink was needed on the stamp to ensure a good crisp image.

Perfect Pearls Powder
This one, I used a VersaMagic ink in Eggplant and then brushed Pewter Perfect Pearls over, it does not really show up in the photo, but it gave the leaves a lovely shimmery shine

Using just the stamps I had on hand, I tried the technique of stamping on acetate to create a water reflection.  I like how this turned out, and I would like to try it again with a better stamp.

Sanded Embossing
After embossing the card, I lightly sanded the raised surface.  This gives the card a totally different look, nice and weathered!

The last card does not come under the stamping technique umbrella, however it is just another quick and simple card I have made.

Using just a round heart die, with a stamped image, crisp and clean

I have one more card to show you, but will have to post it later tonight.  I have made this one for my sister Sue's birthday, and I will be seeing her tonight to deliver it.  Sue is my card making teacher, so the pressure was on .... but I liked how it turned out, so that is good

Have you had any time for craft, I wish I had more

Until later this evening

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  1. Great ideas, i really like the painters tape effect and the sanding is really interesting.